Private trading
platform with
blockchain security.

Retain your customers with personalized marketing
campaigns, push notifications, chat always available and
without distractions. Very easy and safe to trade.


Our blockchain technology ensures the security of your transactions. Blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger technology, which means that no one can change nor delete any information that is registered.

Private platform

Only authorized members have access to the platform and trading information. This is very important for companies that want to keep their business information confidential.


Within your private environment, you can create personalized marketing campaigns that meet the specific needs of your target audience and help build customer loyalty by offering exclusive promotions and discounts to your clients and community members.


Push notifications are a great way to keep members up to date on the latest news and offers from the company. They allow the company to send messages directly to members’ devices, which ensures that information arrives quickly and efficiently.

No distractions

Gavea Private Market avoids distractions from conversation apps like WhatsApp to interact with your customers. This is because the private trading environment was designed to increase your trading and sales, with an integrated chat. All your clients’ attention is directed to what’s most important to your company.

Chat and Unified Products

A unified view of chat and product display. The internal chat allow members to build real time interactions with your company’s sales representative, which is useful for solving their doubts, exchanging product information, and increasing your sales. The product display, in turn, allows members to access the products your company is willing to trade, with all product specifications, images and terms.

We are proud to work with some of the most trusted companies in agriculture

Talk to potential buyers and sallers

At the private trading platform, rooms are created so that you can manage 1:1 direct negotiations with your clients, while maintaining privacy and focus on transactions. Customers view and interact exclusively with the company, not with each other, ensuring privacy in your trades. In addition, you can use the integrated chat to launch orders and execute trades more efficiently and profitably. Take full advantage of our private trading platform to increase the success of your business and your company.

Gavea Blockchain: technology in your favor.

Enjoy the benefits of our blockchain technology available at the private trading platform. Trade commodities, supplies and barter in a traceable and ESG friendly environment. Amplify the digital process at your company, invite your customers and suppliers, and negotiate with privacy and security. Take all advantage of the features that our blockchain technology has to offer to help your business thrive.

Product and inventory tokenization

Product and inventory tokenization is a powerful tool to manage and control your inventory more efficiently. In your private trading room, you can tokenize your products, which means that each physical item is represented by a digital token, making it possible to carry out your transactions and track the inventory, since all information is stored in an organized. In addition, the tokenization brings transparency and efficiency to manage your inventory, which is essential for making strategic decisions and increasing the efficiency of your company. Use inventory tokenization in your private trading room and see the difference it will bring to your entire business.